Go International

The thrill of international travel is worth a little extra planning. With some forward thinking and a few key tools, you can travel like a pro to all corners of the world. Your local AAA Service Center is here to help!

Passport Photos

International Driving Permits

If you plan to drive a car while traveling in a foreign country, consider getting an international driving permit. This official document translates your driver’s license information and is recommended or required in many countries. You don’t have to be a member to get it, just visit a AAA Service Center.

Passport Photos

Get your passport photos the easy way. Come in to your local AAA service center, where we can take photos of the whole family and print them right away. AAA members pay $5, non-members pay $15, and AAA Premier members get one free set of photos per year.

Electricity Converters

Yes, you can bring your hair dryer on that trip. The AAA Travel Store is here with a wide range of foreign outlet adapters, as well as experts to help you pick the right tools for your adventure.

Foreign Currency

It’s always good to have a little pocket change. Pick up foreign currency at your AAA service center. We carry currency for many major countries, and you can order set amounts for pickup. Learn more about foreign currency and spending while overseas.

Member Benefits Around the World

AAA members are eligible for roadside assistance and other benefits in certain areas around the world.