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Renew your membership, view your current membership details including updating your address, email, or telephone number, sign up for auto-renew, or manage your online account.

Members who are within 45 days of their anniversary date may renew online. To make changes outside the renewal period please call us at 1-800-JOIN-AAA.

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Upload your receipts and submit your forms online.

Order a Replacement Card

Request a new card and receive it within 7-10 business days.

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Need help? Our expert Service Technicians will get you back on the road.

While you wait, track your Service Technician in real-time by using Service Tracker.

Schedule Battery Service

Keep life going by knowing the life of your battery and servicing it on time.


Tell Your Friends About AAA

Tell you friends who live in Oregon and Idaho about our Refer a Friend program and earn up to $50 credit to use towards your next renewal.

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Where will you travel next? Get inspired and ready for your next vacation.

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