AAA Launches New Prescription Savings Partnership

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GoodRx partnership designed to help seniors and others fight rising cost of medications

BOISE – (September 5, 2019) – AAA has entered into a partnership with GoodRx to provide AAA members with additional opportunities for prescription discounts.  There are nearly 60 million AAA members nationwide, and about 120,000 members living in Idaho.

“With the rising cost of prescription and even over-the-counter medications, AAA was looking for a way to help its members, particularly seniors living on a fixed income, keep more money in their bank accounts,” says AAA Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde.   “While Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance plans should be researched first to see what savings are provided, GoodRx is a non-insurance option that can potentially save people up to 85 percent on their prescription costs.”

All consumers can save on their prescriptions through GoodRx, but AAA members will save an additional 5% to 10%.  Since its founding in 2011, GoodRx has saved Americans more than $10 billion on their prescription medications by negotiating discounts with thousands of stakeholders.

AAA members can visit to enter their membership number and gain access to GoodRx prescription discounts.  After searching for the best price on a medication, a coupon can be printed to show to the pharmacist.  The coupons are accepted at over 70,000 pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Albertsons, and Fred Meyer.  While some participants may opt to carry a GoodRx discount card, coupons contain the most current pricing.

RoadwiseRx is a AAA website that helps people better understand the safety implications of the medications they are using, particularly when it comes to driving.  Free to the public, the database confidentially analyzes a list of medications that are provided to generate a customized report on potential interactions and side effects.  For more information, visit

“Our research shows that seniors who are able to safely extend their driving years have a better quality of life, and better physical and mental health,” Conde explained.  “AAA is committed to providing resources and developing partnerships to help seniors maintain their social networks and stay on the go.  Helping out with medications is a big step in the right direction.”